Palombaggia, Porto-Vecchio’s pearl is showing us its wonders. Fine sand highlighted by granite pink and grey blocks, weathered by the sea, borded by pine trees, the beautiful Palombaggia beach makes us dive in Mediterranean treasures. What a experience to swim into this quiet and clear water, to adventure near rocks to admire a small school of fish or to watch the silhoutette of the Cerbical islands over the horizon.

Discover Palombaggia beach from every angle inside videos celebrating its beauty.

Here are some videos and TV shows we have selected on the internet. Enough to make you want to take a direct flight to Porto vecchio !

Here are some videos of Palombaggia

Milobeach *** Palombaggia : vacation home in Palombaggia

TV show on Palombaggia (BFM TV) : The most beautiful beaches of France

TV show on Palombaggia (Midi en France) : Palombaggia, a little corsican paradise

Video : Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio,The Isle of Beauty seen from the sky (G. Mathaly)

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